The Key to Marital Happiness – According to Research

Everyone seems to have an opinion of what is the “key to marital happiness”.  But there is now a growing body of research that supports one specific “key”.

In her online Time Magazine article yesterday entitled, “Here Is The Secret to Marriage Happiness”, Francine Russo wrote about a recent study done by the University of California, Berkeley and Northwestern University.  Over a 13-year period, researchers videotaped 80 couples on several occasions, while they were discussing a topic of conflict.  One of the study’s main findings was that couples in which the WIFE calmed down quickly  —  and calmed down FIRST  —  tended to be happy together, both in the short-term as well as the long-term. Read More

What Can a Rap Star Teach Us About Forgiveness?

Controversial rap star, Eminem, has primarily been known for his angry, rebellious, and epithet-filled songs.  However, he seems to be showing a softer, gentler and more evolved part of himself lately.  On Yahoo! Music yesterday, Billy Johnson, Jr. posted an article about Eminem’s recently released song, “Headlights”.  Apparently, Eminem wrote it as “a mature, sincere apology to his mom, Debbie Mathers.”  The title refers to the last time Eminem met with his mom.  As she was driving away, Eminem focused on her car’s headlights, as he felt “this overwhelming sadness come over me.”  At this moment, he and his mom are still estranged. Read More

How to Move From Failure to Success

Yesterday, Bernice Napach of The Daily Ticker posted an article entitled, “Dilbert’s Creator is Proof That Failure Can Lead to Success.”  This article accompanied a video interview with Scott Adams, who is the creator of the Dilbert cartoon strip.

Napach summarized the video interview by specifying the five main points that Mr. Adams discussed.   He also wrote about them in his recent book, “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big:  Kind of the Story of My Life.”  These points are listed below, along with possible underlying reasons why they are important: Read More

What’s Wrong with Being a “Hot Mama”?

On Monday, Oct. 14, 2013, Beth Greenfield of Yahoo! Shine wrote an article entitled, “Hot Mom Defends Herself Against Facebook Haters”.  The article was about Maria Kang, a 32-year-old mom, who posted a Facebook photo of herself with her three young boys, while wearing a sports bra-and-micro shorts outfit that highlighted her amazingly fit physique.   The picture itself is an attention-grabber  — but what apparently made it controversial was the caption above the picture:  “What’s Your Excuse?” Read More

Finances: How They Can Cause a Relationship Breakup

On Monday, October, 7, 2013, Farnoosh Torabi posted a video and short article in the Yahoo! Finance section entitled, “Surprising Relationship Dealbreakers”.  She discussed four financial situations that could cause couples to end their relationship.  Because finances play a vital role in how people live their daily lives, they can trigger deep underlying issues that couples may not be consciously aware of, or may not be willing to discuss with each other. Read More